Titano: The Contemporary Legend

Shut your eyes and wander back in time to ancient Greece, amid the legendary myths, magnificent and impressive, but also exquisite and charming. Alas! What a beautiful paradox lies between this power and that elegance. At this historical turning point, we are soaring on the wings of fantasy to connect this new, technological epoch to ancient legends. The fruit of such a mythical linkage is a majestic, powerful, yet exquisite design. “Titano” is more than a crystal; it is a symbol of the past's grandeur and glory in the modern age. The curving contours of the container indicate power and stability, while its extraordinary shine represents perfectionism and beauty that will fascinate you once touched. Don't forget Titano if you want to host a classic, beautiful, and perfect banquet. This crystal family includes eleven members: a sex-people cup set, a sugar bowl, a cookie jar, a six-person dessert plate set, a six-person small bowl service, a large plate, a large bowl, a large half-bowl, a large legged plate, a large legged bowl, and a large legged half-bowl. Nothing is missing. Titano will provide a legendary level of hospitality for it is a modern-day legend.
Titano Crystal Collection serve set will complement any decor