About Inn Crystal
There are hardly any countries in the history of human civilization that have been the cradle of both the arts and industry. Austria, a noble land on the green continent, is a shining example of such countries. And its artists' handiwork is as well-known as its music, enduring in the hearts of art enthusiasts. The art of glassblowing has long been ingrained in this country, to the point that it gave rise to the Eastern European school of glassblowing. Based on such a culture, the “Inn Crystal” brand emerged in the 1980s. Nonetheless, after several years, we are now witnessing the revival of this illustrious brand– this time at another birthplace of glassblowing; in a country whose hand-crafted masterpieces have been popular among the nations for centuries. We combined “Inn Crystal” and its Eastern European authenticity with Iranian art and craftsmanship to create another artwork. Inn Crystal, like a splendid and charming butterfly, plunges into the fire to give birth to a masterpiece of crystal and present it to the world for an experience beyond beauty.