Our Story

Throughout the history of civilization, there are few nations that can claim to be cradles of art and industry. Austria can be named as one of these authentic nations, one that shines on the eastern front of the green continent, and the skills of its master craftsmen is as famous as its music amongst art lovers. This nation has a long bright history as one of the capitals of the glass industry and has been at the forefront of glassworks development in Eastern Europe. In the cradle of this civilization, the INN CRYSTAL brand was born in the 1980’s. Today, after decades, this original brand has been reborn and this time in another world capital of the glass arts and industry, a country with millennia of craftsmanship history. We have created INN CRYSTAL as a fusion of Eastern European origins with Iranian industrial art to create another modern masterpiece. INN CRYSTAL comes as a masterpiece made of crystal from the heart of fire as a beautiful and mesmerizing butterfly to stun the world and create an experience beyond perfection.